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Date: Sun Nov 07 1999 - 12:55:10 EST

On Sun 7 Nov 1999 (17:43:58 +1100), wrote:
> I have often pondered the difference between ELPIS and PISTIS. They would
> seem to be close in meaning. Is it legitimate to see the former as
> having a more future point of view, and the latter as being related to
> God's past actions?

 Dear David,

 I share your ELPIS that this topic is OK on b-Greek! I have PISTIS that
 it is so...

 Taking the cardinal virtues of Faith, Hope and Love:

 Faith has a Content: it is Faith IN something or someone.
 Hope has a Prospect: it is a confident expectation of a certain outcome.
 Love has an Object: it is Love FOR someone.

 Just A$0.02 from me this time...


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