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> Does anyone recommend or know of a lexicon by Bruce Metzger called
> something like Lexicon of New Testament Greek Based Upon Semantic
> Domains?

 Yes: I have Bruce Metzger's /Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament
 Greek/, Cushing-Malloy Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, 1958. It contains:

     Part I: Words classified according to their Frequency pp 1-51
     Part II: Words classified according to their Root 53-94
 Appendix I: The Indo-European Family of Languages 95-101
 Appendix II: Prepositions in Composition with Verbs 102-109
 Appendix III: Table of Correlative Pronouns and Adverbs 110
 Appendix IV: Principal Parts of Some Important Verbs 111-115
 Appendix V: Feminine Nouns of the Second Declension 116-118

 I found it extremely useful as a study and memory aid when I was in
 Theological College.


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