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Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 08:44:55 EST

<x-rich>At 1:30 AM -0500 11/9/99, Jay Stigdon wrote:

<excerpt><fontfamily><param>Book_Antiqua</param> 2) It is SUPPOSED to
be a vast improvement on an already excellent work (Jonathan Robie)


</fontfamily>If only the typography were improved, the new Bauer-Danker
would be a much more useful lexicon. The present edition is a
catastrophe of page design.

But it's not only the typography that's improved; the new edition (and
I don't recall how much of what I report is Fred Danker's work, and how
much is from the German edition) has thoroughly revamped and checked
all the references, has reorganized the system of definitions, and has
(in short) exorcised many demons from the past that were haunting the
present edition.

Yes, it is a *vast* improvement.

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