Jerusalem talmud

From: N & RJ Hanscamp (
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 17:27:45 EST

Cross-posted Biblical Greek, John_lit and Xtalk2

I am wondering if someone has access to a copy of the Jerusalem Talmud, or
Neusners *Talmud in the Land of Israel*, and could check a reference for me.
I am wanting a translation of J Sukk. 5.1, especially the answer to the
question "Why is the name of it called, The drawing out of water?"

Replies offlist would be appreciated.

And if anyone knows if either the Jerus. or Babyl. Talmud are online, that
would be great too.


Nigel Hanscamp
Trinity Methodist Theological College
Auckland Consortium of Theological Education, New Zealand

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