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Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 18:26:55 EST

<x-flowed>At 14:41 16/11/99 -0500, Andrew T. Dolan, MA, ABD wrote:
>m trying to make sense of the perfect middle participle hypodedemenous in
>Mk 6:9. Can someone explain the grammatical fit? Thanks.

This point is covered in Zerwick and Grosvenor, with a reference to two
sections in Zerwick's "Biblical Greek"

Zerwick & Grosvenor say:
"ptc. acc. as though referring to the subject of an infinitive" and cites
s.15 ( which is under the rubric 'lack of concord in apposition' and Mk.
6:9 is specifically mentioned in n.15) and s.394 which deals with the
change of case after an infinitive "where the subject of the infinitive is
identical with an element of the main clause which is in the genitive or
the dative etc etc " --- and of course the dative in 6:8 is the AUTOIS who
have been commanded.

Zerwick, Maximilian,& Grosvenor, Mary. A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek
New Testament. Rome, 1988.

Zerwick, Maximilian S.J. Biblical Greek: Illustrated by Examples. English
edn. Adapted from the fourth Latin edn. By Joseph Smith S.J. Rome, 1963.

Hope this helps,

Maurice A. O'Sullivan [ Bray, Ireland ]

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