Re: Double Negatives

From: Jim West (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 10:31:31 EST

At 07:22 AM 11/19/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I am not sure what I
>am doing studying Greek, when I can't even read English!

Dont fret about it. If we all didn't make mistakes we would be perfect- and
what a horrid burden that would be! ;-)

>I searched for MH in the LXX using GRAMCORD's LXX database. The reason I
>came up with zero hits was because MH is classed as a particle in the GNT
>database and as an adverb in the LXX database. I went directly from a GNT
>to a LXX search.

The woes of computers strike again.

keep a stiff upper lip.



Jim West, ThD

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