I Corinthians 7:27 - "loosed"

From: a b (just_a_servant@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Nov 20 1999 - 23:23:41 EST

Hello All,

Would love and appreciate very much reading your
comments regarding two terms - "loosed" and "loosed."

"Art thou bound unto a wife? Seek not to be LOOSED.
Art thou LOOSED from a wife? Seek not a wife" (I
Cor.7:27) KJV.

Can you give me some definitions of the term(s) so
translated "loosed," tense, noun or verb, etc., and do
these things affect the meaning in any way.

I understand that the second "loosed" is a verb,
perfect passive, and this implies that action was
taken against the man, PERHAPS by a woman who divorced
him. Could this then actually imply, based on
"loosed," that this man in part B may have been
married at one time?

I am a beginning student of the Greek and new to this
forum, so the more of your reply that is in English,
the more I will be able to understand.

God bless you all, and thanks!

                               (@ @)
                         Marty Livingston
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