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> In verse 24 I have yet to find an English translation which translates
> TW MWLWPI in the singular. Even though the word only occurs here in the
> NT it is used a number of times in the LXX. Psalms 37:6 has it in the
> plural and so I don't think it this is a noun which has only one form
> for both singular and plural. Especially when you see a singular
> subject having plural wounds in the Psalms context. In fact, with the
> exception of Isaiah 53:5/1 Peter 2:24 translators seem to translate
> this noun consistently singular when it is singular and plural when it
> is plural.
> So what gives in 1 Peter? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

 Dear Barry,

 MWLWY is a singular word meaning a weal or a mark of the lash. A servant
 often beaten would be covered with such weals. Compare Sirach 23:10 LXX:

 The Vulgate has livore eius sanati sumus.

 1 Peter 2:24 has hOU TWi MWLWPI IAQHTE.
 The Vulgate has cuius livore sanati estis.

 So there's no mystery. The English translators have used the plural
 word "stripes" where the singular word "weal" stands in the original.
 The Hebrew word in Isaiah 53:5 is Ca:BBuRaH, a scar of a healed wound;
 or the wound itself. Again it is singular. See also Proverbs 20:30,
 where Ca:BBuRaH is rendered /livor/ in the Vulgate, but hUPWPIA (a black
 eye) in the LXX. "The blueness of the wound cleanseth away evil" (KJV).

 We know that in the O.T. the maximum dose of the lash was 39 stripes
 (Deuteronomy 25:3). Roman beatings were no less severe; so the plural has
 unanimously crept into all the English versions.

 JA Bengel comments "A paradox of the apostle: /Ye were healed with a
 stripe/." (on 1 Peter 2:25)

 Hope this helps?


 Revd Ben Crick, BA CF
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