off-topic: SBL conference and the interesting many-turkeyed aftermath . . .

From: Tom Conry (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 18:08:32 EST

I was sorry that a prior commitment did not afford me the
opportunity to meet "face-to-face" with so many of the kind
people who have enriched my understanding of Greek the past
couple of years. However, I thought that some might like to know
that, immediately after the conference (as in, within a couple of
hours), in the same room as were all the learned texts (of which
I had purchased a good many), a bunch of very good folks
immediately set up tables and chairs for a Thanksgiving banquet
for two thousand of the homeless, poor, and/or generally
not-so-well off. There was that night quite the banquet, and
there was also in my quirky opinion a certain interest in the
juxtaposition of the two meetings . . . the wise and the
foolish, - and which would be which? - the learned and those who
(for the most part) have not been granted that chance in life.
It was all too delicious not to mention here.

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