Re: 1 Corinthians 13:8 - Why does Paul use different verbs?

Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 15:54:46 EST

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<< I believe that the difference is concern to the future life in the
There we will not have necessity of PROFHTEIAI nor GNWSIS because He, the
lord, will be all. But, the GLWSSAI is one thing that we will have, see
Luke 16:24. The prophecy and the knowledge will be destroyed, but our
tongue will be preserved. >>

I don't this is the point. PAUSONTAI means "they will cease." Neither
PROFHTEIAI, nor GNWSIS, nor GLWSSAI will exist when TO TELEION comes. Each
noun refers to the spiritual gifts discussed in 1 Cor 12-14, so GLWSSAI does
not refer simply to the human tongue.

Charles Powell

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