BDAG (was RE: BAGD2)

From: James Ernest (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 14:13:13 EST

If I recall correctly, the new edition will be referred
to as BDAG (not to quibble, but most people nutty enough
to study Greek also care about getting their abbreviations
right). At least, that's the way Prof. Danker refers to it.

James Ernest

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To: Edward Hobbs,

<< The thread-label is still BAGD2, so I'll note that the new official
for BAGD3 is April, but the Press thinks it might even be sooner now,
all corrected proofs are in. >>

BAG was published in 1957, BAGD was published in 1979, & BAGD2 is due to

come out soon -- Danker looks a little too old to start working on a
BAGD3. <g>


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