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> << The citation of Jonah 3.6 below is instructive. Although the core of
> word likely still means 'to near', the context clearly indicates that the
> king heard the message; this falls into the 'arrived at' category rather
> than the 'vicinity but not yet delivered' category. >>
> I think you raise an interesting point here. Kummel wants to suggest that
> the LXX translator merely stretched the meaning of the term EGGIZW to the
> "marginal case of 'approaching to.'" Although Dodd has suggested that the
> author stretched the meaning a little further. If context is the
> determining factor, it would seem that "arrived" fits perfect in the
> context of Jonah 3:6. But does that necessarily prove that the meaning of
> the Greek term EGGIZW had evolved? For, on the one hand, it is not
> impossible for a translator of the LXX to misuse a Greek term. And yet, on
> the other hand, words often evolve and take on new meanings. How does one
> determine if it is the former, or the latter?

Innovation precedes standardization, but standardization does not always
follow innovation. I have not handled the LXX of Jonah enough to have any
opinion of why EGGIZW was put into service in this context. The context
completes the conceptualization of 'arrival' for the reader, so the use of
EGGIZW in the sense of 'arrival' could be innovative, and due to the paucity
of examples with this sense, it seems most likely that this was an
innovation that was never picked up and standardized.

The picture I get from HGGIKEN is that it reports that someone has
approached close outside a door and is about to knock, but their presence is
not confirmed until they knock and make their presence known.

QURAIS. Matt 24.33

God Bless!
Joe Friberg

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