The Purpose of Syntactical Categories

From: Tony Stark (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 07:16:40 EST

Greetings to all.
This may be a simple question for most on this list,but I need to ask this
question anyway.
          What is the purpose for the numerous syntactical categories in
advance grammar? For example:
                   1.Descriptive Genitive
                   2. Genitive of Content
                   3. Genitive Absolute
                   4.Dative of Sphere etc.
I Know they describe part of the greek sentence, but why are they used? Why
memorize them?
Can someone explain their use for exegesis or why it is taught in advance
courses? ETC. Thanks.
                 P.S. I hope this question is'nt too simple,
                      and not a waste of your time.


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