Re: Temple and New world translation of holy scriptures?

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 06:54:04 EST

At 4:19 AM -0600 1/4/00, john hibberd wrote:
>Hello all
>I am new to the list. I have been doing some research on Rev 7:15 and am a
>bit confused about the word naos (temple). In this sense does naos mean a
>literal temple or can it mean a spiritual state as in 1 cor3:16. Also any
>thoughts as to the authenticity of the New world translation of the holy
>scriptures? Any thoughts would be appreciated.Thanks

(a) I agree with you that in 1 Cor 3:16 the NAOS is spiritual; in Rev 7:15
it's a bit different; certainly it is "figurative"--the whole image of
"those who have washed their garments in the blood of the Lamb" has to
refer to those who have suffered great persecution for their faith, perhaps
those who have died in persecution (although not exclusively such). I think
that the image is meant to convey that those who have suffered persecution
for faith should not be thought to be far removed from God and God's
purposes, but to be intimately involved with all that is focal to His will.
But this is an image, and I would hesitate to interpret any image in
Revelation in terms of SINGLE-meaning interpretations; the images of the
book of Revelation just won't stand still.

(b) You should be aware in asking the second question (about the NWT's
"authenticity") that (1) perspectives on this question are going to be
governed to a large extent by one's personal faith-commitment; (2) it is
difficult to make blanket statements about any translation of the Bible as
a whole, inasmuch as honest and wise interpreters can find fault with
particular items in any translation you may consider while feeling
confident about other items in that same translation. As the B-Greek forum
is open to persons across the entire spectrum of faith-commitment, there
will be a broad range of opinions. There have been at least two books
published by members of B-Greek about the NWT (I'm referring to Greg
Stafford and Rolf Furuli). If there's going to be discussion of this
question, let's keep it focused as closely as possible upon issues of the
Greek text of the Bible.

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