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From: Grant (grant@cajun.net)
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 01:32:42 EST

To Steven Miller:

   The discussion of Matthew 4:4 and the denial that Jehovah is in the NT
Greek brings me to a question. Now i mean this both honestly and sincerely.
When one finds hallelujah in the NT, doesn't it mean Praise Jah (short for
It's NOT saying "Praise God." For QEOS is not found!

Doesn't the name Jesus mean "Jehovah is Salvation." Simply, doesn't this
show God's name was in the Greek scriptures.

a regular dictionary from Wal-Mart even gives the meaning of Jesus as
"Jehovah is Salvation" and "Praise Jah" for hallelujah.

i think a good point was made in one of the posts. Every voodoo tribe,
African tribe, buddhist, and so on know the name of their God. They proudly
know it, say it, and use it. For many of the Greeks, it was Zeus. In the
Hebrew times, it was Baal for some. Their God had a name. But when it
comes to the God of Christians, we argue about his name?!
Few know (average person not a theologian) it, fewer say it, and barely
anyone uses it as an actual address to God. We can't decide if Jehovah or
Yahweh is more accurate. Then we can't decide if we should use Jehovah or
Yahweh because it's too special?!!?! I think it is as simple as "If the
Israelites were Yahweh's people, then wouldn't the Christians be Yahweh's
people too if we agree Yahweh is the true God!" Plain deductive reasoning?

Why do people get more upset at the addition of Yahweh/Jehovah to the bible
than the possibilty that his NAME was unjustly removed in the first place? I
think it's more of a disservice to leave it out and never teach it than to
accidentally put it in instead of true God.
When one gets down to the nitty gritty, one should agree that God either has
a name or not. He doesn't say it 6,828 times for nearly 1500 years and then
say "I'm going to change my name." How MANY times would it have to be
written for us to put aside "head knowledge" to come to a conclusion that
,hey!!!, maybe Jehovah is found there at LEAST once? I bet he put it there
so many times. That might be why so many famous bible characters had the
name Jehovah in them. Would he have to write the name 10,000 or 20,000 times
before we suspect the presence of the name in the NT?

    The term archangel is given to Michael once in the bible and yet we
immediately connect the two. However, we have YHWH 6,828 times where it
also clearly means "THE GOD" but we question whether "THE GOD" could have
been Jehovah in the original?
Not that theos is always Jehovah, but that when found, it should be examined
to see if it was a substitute by a copyist after the biblical writer or if
it really just meant God.

I respectfully, sincerely, honestly, and curiously can not understand the
claim that Jehovah is not found in the NT. It is why I have joined B-Greek
in order to better learn the arguments of learned men who propose these

SO i guess this thread i wrote is partly a question too. I respect Steven
Miller for his apparent dedication, for few would purposely advocate a lie.
Not that you are doing such or lying but that you have an opinion like the
rest of the 6 billion people. It's jsut the opinion that Jehovah is not in
the NT i would like to see a more logical explanation.

grant polle

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