Re: Ign. Eph. 15:3

From: Alex / Ali (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 07:34:17 EST

Bart Ehrman asked about Ign. Eph. 15:3 where "we read FANHSETAI PRO PROSWPOU


Like Carl, I enjoy your queries. I think James Ernest was right in taking
EX hWN as a "rough equivalent for 'therefore' ". The DIKAIWS and AGAPWMEN
are interesting, too. Without knowing the context, I'd be inclined to take
the AGAPWMEN as (hortatory) subjunctive rather than indicative, and wonder
if there's justification in taking DIKAIWS not so much as "in a just manner"
but (roughly) "as is right/fitting", suggesting a gloss such as "so, as is
right, let us love him".

Alex Hopkins
Melbourne, Australia

PS Was there no digest for January 02, 2000? None received here.

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