Re: Ign. Eph. 15:3

From: Alex / Ali (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 09:13:02 EST

Bart Ehrman asked about examples of the use of EX hWN.

My quick search did not find an example in a sense near enough to those
suggested; but M&M - see under hOS - has some interesting examples of hOS
with prepositions (one of EF' hWi, which was also mentioned in the postings
of yesterday's digest); there is an example of EX hOU glossed as
"therefore"; M&M's article on EK also contains material that may be
relevant to you, perhaps especially the causal sense (which can be
paralleled in the NT). If you need examples of EX hWN, the Duke Databank of
Documentary Papyri, under Perseus, may help.

Alex Hopkins

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