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From: Bill Ross (wross@farmerstel.com)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 21:55:39 EST

Carl, I've had a lot of trouble with my email. I hope this finally gets
through. It keeps saying your email server doesn't exist??

Anyway, a simple question on your objection to my reading of EF hWi, that I
thought might be of interest to the whole list:

>Yes. hWi in Acts 7:53 is masculine dative sg--dative to construe with EPI,
masculine singular to agree with the antecendent TOPOS. Don't be confused
by the fact that hWi may be either masculine or neuter. In Acts 7:53 it is
masculine; in the phrase EF' hWi which I've been saying means "because" or
"since" the hWi is technically neuter because TOUTWi hOTI which it
represents and abbreviates is neuter.
Again, you're insisting upon "which" as a relative pronoun but aren't
pointing to any noun, masculine or neuter, in what precedes that hWi could
refer as to an antecedent.

...Isn't it common for a neuter relative pronoun to refer back to a
clause, paragraph, section... with no regard to gender? For example, DIA
TOUTO need not refer
to any particular gender, correct? The reason I ask is that this is how I am
seeing hWi being used - pointing to a clause such as:



I don't understand what you mean by "understand the TRANSLATION of the
aorist;" are you trying to tell me that the aorist here is not referring to
time? My own reason for preferring to translate the aorist here as "have
sinned" is to underscore the totality of the acts of human sinning. I have
no idea in the world what you mean to imply about the difference from "all
have sinned" that "all sinned" implies for understanding how the aorist is
used here.

Though many allow for the addition of the word "have" for the aorist, I
prefer to reserve that for the perfect. In this situation, where the
question being answered is whether men sinned "at some point in time"
(allowing for each
individually) or "upon Adam's sinning" (in the past and impacting the
present) it seems unreasonable to relax the distinction between aorist and

As always, your insights are appreciated.

Bill Ross

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