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From: bill starkey (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 20:15:30 EST

I realize it's not GREEK but I am not able to do Latin!

Regarding Romans 5:12, The Jerome Commentary has this: This tradition
found its formal conciliar expressioll in the Tridentine Decretum super
peccato originali (Seas. V, 2-4). Echoing Canon 2 of both the i6th
Council of Carthage (AD 418 [DB 102; DS 223]) and the 2nd Council of
Orange (AD 529 fDB '75; DS 372]), it decreed,

"Quoniam non aliter intelli-gendum est id, quod dicit Apostolus: Per
unum homi-nem peccatum intravit in mundum, et per peccatum mors, et ita
in omnes homines mon pertransiit, in quo onines peccaverunt, nisi
quemadmodum Ecclesia catholica ubique diffusa semper intellexit" (DB
791; cf. 789; DS 1514; cf. 1512).

Can someone please translate this for me? I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


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