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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 07:10:26 EST

At 8:31 PM -0800 1/10/00, wrote:
>I read Grant's question and responded to it before I read Dr. Conrad's
>admonition to send a personal email to him. I apologize.
>Gordon Goltz

Let me take this opportunity to repeat the substance of requests that have
been made hitherto, in the interests of economy:

(1) When responding to a message, particularly a message to which the whole
prior history of the thread has been appended to the message currently
being responded to, please TRIM away the parts of the thread that are
unnecessary for understanding the point you are trying to make. Surely
"selection and deletion" and "cutting and pasting" are among the elementary
techniques learned by every new computer user on any platform--and it is as
easy to do this in a mailing program as in any other.

(2) When responding to a message in a DIGEST, please cite only the message
to which you are responding and NOT the entire digest (some of our recent
digests have been immense).

(3) Although I know that I'm fighting against what seems instinctive to a
lot of people if not to most people, I nevertheless ask that you take the
effort to read through the entire incoming messages (or the entire digest)
from B-Greek BEFORE composing your response to the message of particular
interest to you. It may be that a further message bearing on your intended
response will be in that other correspondence from the list--as was the
case in this present instance that occasioned the apology above. Moreover,
although a second response to a question that REPEATS an answer that has
already been given (but which one hasn't yet read!) doesn't do any harm, it
doesn't contribute a lot either. So, once again I urge you: please read all
incoming correspondence from B-Greek PRIOR to formulating your response to
particular items. One advantage of this is to obviate the need for such
apologies as that above.

Carl W. Conrad
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