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Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 17:09:05 EST

<x-flowed>To: A K M Adam,

<< What about representing this with the idiomatic "Here I am" (as in LXX
Isaiah 6:8, IDOU, EGW EIMI, APOSTEILON ME)? This may also be helpful for
the Johannine text that bedeviled us several weeks ago. >>

I don't know if it was your intent to suggest that some of us are
"possessed by the devil" as your term "bedeviled" might suggest, or whether
you merely meant to suggest that some were "bewildered." But I for one am
neither "bedeviled" nor "bewildered" by that Johannine text. Rather I would
respectfully suggest that what we have here is not bewilderment, but rather
a difference of opinion.

Now to the issue of whether or not EGW EIMI means "Here I am" as LXX Is 6:8
might seem to suggest. In order to get the context of the passage before
us, I offer a rough translation.

<< And I heard the Lord's voice saying: "Who will I send? And who will go
to this people?" And I said: "Behold, I am he. Send me." >> (LXX Is 6:8 MOT).

Personally, I wouldn't quibble with the translation "Here I am, send me."
One could justify including the term "here" either (a) from the context, or
(b) even from the Greek term IDOU which means something like "look here!"
But if one is asking if the words EGW EIMI (by themselves) imply "here,"
the answer must be "no," there is nothing in the phrase EGW EIMI which
imply "here." One has to pick up that notion either from the context, or
from IDOU. For example, see LXX 1 Kings 3:4,5,6,8 where we have IDOU EGW
(without EIMI) which means "here I am." I think this clearly illustrates
that it is IDOU and the context which suggests "here" and not merely EGO
EIMI (although EIMI is here clearly implied). (See also Acts 9:10 for the
same idiom IDOU EGW meaning "here am I.") What do you think?

-Steven Craig Miller
Alton, Illinois (USA)
Disclaimer: "I'm just a simple house-husband (with no post-grad degree),
what do I know?"

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