Re: John 1:5 - aspect

From: Steve Long (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 12:17:43 EST

>>"This light keeps on shining in the darkness, for the darkness could not
>>seize it."
>Elizabethan English used "comprehend" in the KJV, and then the primary
>sense of the word was apparently "grab," "seize." I think that "apprehend"
>might work the same way now. But I'm not really sure it's possible to
>capture what appear to be authentic double-entendres in the Greek. What
>does one do with ANWQEN in John 3:3 EAN MH TIS GENNHQHi ANWQEN ...? How do
>you say both "again" and "from on high" Can we resort to something like "da
>capo"? I suspect we can do little more than footnote the version to
>indicate the possibility or suspicion of a double entendre.

I don't have a problem adding words to make both meanings clear: 'the
darkness couldn't understand it or turn it off' (for those of us who grew
up with light switches). ;-)

 If a koine audience would read a double entendre, we shouldn't deprive the
english audience just because we don't have an english equivalent.


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