ANNOUNCEMENT: XTalk Sponsored Online Seminar with John Dominic Crossan

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 10:17:56 EST

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<p>The moderators and staff advisors of the XTalk Discussion List (Historical
Jesus and Christian Origins&nbsp; --
are pleased to announce that John Dominic Crossan, author of <i><u>The
Historical&nbsp; Jesus</u></i>, <i><u>Who Killed Jesus?</u></i>, <i><u>The
Birth of Christianity</u></i> and founding member of the Jesus Seminar,
has agreed to conduct a three week online Seminar with XTalk members and
other interested parties on the topic of <b><i>Materials and Methodology
in Historical Jesus Research</i>.</b>
<p>The Seminar, to be carried out under the auspices of XTalk and its managers,&nbsp;
will begin on&nbsp; Friday, February 11 and run Mondays through Fridays
until Friday, March 3rd, 2000.
<p>So as to be managed effectively, the Seminar will be conducted on a
only basis</b>, and any posts submitted by Seminar members will first be
moderated before they are passed on to Professor Crossan. These moderated
posts will be answered by Professor Crossan on a daily basis.
<p>The messages from Seminar List members and the replies of Professor
Crossan will be posted regularly to the XTalk List, allowing XTalk members
or List observers who are not subscribed to the Seminar to see the course
of the exchanges. Non XTalk affiliated parties who are interested only
in observing the give and take of the Seminar are urged to subscribe to
the XTalk List or to read the daily postings on the public XTalk web page
<p>Topics for discussion, and upon which questions may be raised, are those
which are grounded in the issues of&nbsp; how both the particular materials
used and the methods employed by Historical Jesus scholars bear upon the
conclusions they come to in their reconstructions of the life and teaching
of Jesus of Nazareth.
<p>Since the discussion of these issues as set out in Professor Crossan's
Birth of Christianity</u></i> will be the Seminar's initial focal point,
a major prerequisite for anyone wishing to participate in the Seminar is
one's familiarity with the contents and theses of this work.
<p>To apply for membership in the Seminar, send a blank e-mail message
<p>PLEASE NOTE that while applications for membership in the Seminar are
being accepted immediately, posts to Professor Crossan <b>are not</b>.
Nothing should be sent in to the Seminar until its opening day, Friday,
February 11, 2000.
<p>Questions or comments about the Seminar may be sent to the following
e-mail address:&nbsp;
<p>Yours sincerely (and on behalf of the entire XTalk administrative staff),
<p>Jeffrey Gibson
<br>Co-moderator and List Owner of XTalk and HJMaterials/Methodology
<p>Jeffrey Gibson
<br>Co-moderator and List Owner of XTalk and HJMaterials/Methodology
<br>Jeffrey B. Gibson
<br>7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
<br>Chicago, Illinois 60626


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