Jesus & Phillip in John 1:43

From: Dave Jagger (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 10:52:39 EST


i have a question about Jn. 1:43. inthat verse, Jesus decides to go to
Galillee and meets Phillip. the text seems ambiguous to me and different
English translations treat it differently. When, or where, did Jesus meet
Phillip? Did he meet him before he left for Galillee, or once he got
there? My Greek Bible punctuates a comma after GALILAIAN and a period after
Philip so that it reads:
"GALILAIAN, KAI EUPISKEI Phillip." But, also offers an option for the
comma to be a period and the period to be left out so as to read:

it seems to me that if the first punctuation option is chosen, Jesus met
Phillip before going to Galillee. Jesus decided to go to Galillee, finds
Phillip and asks him to go with him, follow me.

However, if the second punctuation option is chosen, then Jesus goes to
Galillee, where he finds Phillip and asks him to follow him.

What do others think about all this?

I want to tell the story during a sermon, and would like to know where
Jesus met Phillip.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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