The Father who sent me

From: Eric S. Weiss (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 16:34:48 EST

John 8:16 and 8:18 read in part - hO PEMYAS ME PATHR.

Is the participle substantival ("the one who sent me"), with "father"
being, I guess, some kind of predicate nominative with an implied
copulative verb, or otherwise in apposition to hO PEMYAS? [How would you
translate this?]

Or is PEMYAS adverbial (temporal), and hO goes with PATHR? ("the father
having sent me")?

Or does hO go with both PEMYAS and PATHR in some kind of idiomatic Greek
construction that cannot be translated fully into English? Maybe that's
what is meant by the usual translation: "The Father who sent me."

In 8:29 Jesus simply says hO PEMYAS ME, which is, to me, substantival ("he
who sent me"). But that might imply that 8:16 and 8:18 are also to be
understood as being substantival usages of PEMYAS, which is not apparently
the choice of translators.

- Eric Weiss

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