Mt 5:14-16

From: David A Bielby (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 17:56:09 EST

Hi guys. I've been looking into Mt 5:14-16 and would love some input on
AT Robertson's Word Pictures comments and the word EMPROSQEN. Also,
since the exact phrase appears just a few verses later in Mt 6:1 it
causes me to wonder if it's possible this word is being used in two
distinct ways or in the exact same way to cause the hearer to reflect.

What does the EMPROSQEN mean here? Are there implications of
relationship between those who see the KALA ERGA ? Would the syntax
impact it's normal meaning in any way? I noticed that Louw & Nida lump
it in with several other words meaning essentially the same thing. So,
this makes me wonder what if any significance this particular word may
have here. I also noticed that some of the uses in the OT, for example,
in Daniel 1:5 seems to drift into the meaning of EPI as defined by Louw &
Nida in 83.35

Any comments on this? Any potential implications I'm not seeing?

Robertson said:
Mat 5:15 - Under the bushel (UPO TON MODION). Not a bushel. "The figure
is taken from lowly cottage life. There was a projecting stone in the
wall on which the lamp was set. The house consisted of a single room, so
that the tiny light sufficed for all" (Bruce). It was not put under the
bushel (the only one in the room) save to put it out or to hide it. The
bushel was an earthenware grain measure. "The stand" (THN LUCNIAN), not
"candlestick." It is "lamp-stand" in each of the twelve examples in the
Bible. There was the one lamp-stand for the single room.
Mat 5:16 - Even so (OUTWS). The adverb points backward to the lamp-stand.
Thus men are to let their light shine, not to glorify themselves, but
"your Father in heaven." Light shines to see others by, not to call
attention to itself. End of Word Pictures...

It seems right to me to make a distinguishment between self exaltation
here and exalting the Father. Especially in light of Mt 6.1.

Does anyone know if current archeological knowledge would support
Robertson's statements about a single room and the other claims?

Thank you for input on this verse. I appreciate it.

David Bielby
the Vineyard
'a contemporary church'
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