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From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 15:39:48 EST

We don' t talk about hermeneutics on b-greek so please respond privately
or yack about it on synoptic-L. David L. Dungan has written the best
book on biblical studies that I have read in at least 5 years. A
stunning and powerful book. You will do yourself a grave injustice if
you do not read it. Here is the title etc. :

Dungan, David L. A history of the synoptic problem: the canon, the
text, the composition and the interpretation of the Gospels. Doubleday,
1999, Series: The Anchor Bible Reference Library.

This is not just another book about the synoptic problem. This book
might be better titled: "A Critical History of the Historical-Critical
Method with a Special Focus on the Synoptic Problem." I have been
reading this book now for two weeks and every time I pick it up I am
more impressed with it. This book is not a dry monograph on some obscure
topic, it is an engaging and forceful critique of the major tenets of
the secular biblical studies establishment. This book is going to make
some people unhappy, perhaps even mad. I assume that it will be attacked
or give the "deep freeze" (ignored). I certainly don't agree with
everything Dungan says but I am sure glad I discovered the book and
intend to read it again several times until I can digest the entire
impact of his argument.

Get it, read it, but don't talk about it here. If you want to talk about
it go over to the synoptic-L. They had a short discussion of it about
six months ago which didn't amount to much.


Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
Three Tree Point
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