Re: AISCHROTES and "Fellatio"

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 12:44:58 EST

At 11:25 AM -0600 1/20/00, Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:
>Jim West wrote:
>> Take a look at the article by Bultmann in the TDNT- vol 1- pp 189ff on the
>> root aisxunh- where he deals with this word's essential meaning.
>> I think L-S.'s "fellatio" is just totally off base.
>Apart from the fact that the idea that a word has an essential meaning
>is somewhat
>perplexing, I think -- if memory serves -- the latest edition of the LSJ
>in print
>takes into consideration some evidence (of which Butlmann was unaware,
>since it was
>discovered after he wrote) from the Palatine Anthology that supports the

Upon checking (the unabridged, new) LSJ(G) yet again, I see that it does
list the Eph 5:4 passage under the second meaning, "filthy conduct," BUT,
as I noted in my previous message, it does not link the word AISCROTHS in
Eph 5:4 to "fellatio" but for that refers rather to a scholion on the
"Frogs" of Aristophanes.

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