From: Grant (grant@cajun.net)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 21:57:39 EST

Dear B-Greek,

    It has been called to my attention the improperness of my post about the
carbon-14 dating.

I apologize to Carlton and Carl and the others who head the forum. I was
out of line.

I thought that my off-line request was the proper step. I overstepped the
bounds of the forum. I know that such apology is needless if i had not
actually sent the post in the first place. I apologize publicly to show
that i meant no intentional harm. b-Greek is an honorable center of
discusion with the highest merits of scholarship of Greek. THat is my
opinion. I hope that this free yet invaluable center of learning continues
for years to come. I lost sight of that and hope that my apology is

In all sincerity

In Christ
grant polle

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