Re: acrostics-what is it?

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Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 06:34:49 EST

At 8:07 PM -0800 1/23/00, Garrett B Trott wrote:
>On Sun, 23 Jan 2000 19:59:17 -0600 "Grant" <> writes:
>>What is acrostics?
>Acrostics are a device used in Hebrew Poetry (and elsewhere) where the
>first line starts with the first letter of the alphabet, the second line
>starts with the second, etc...
>Can' t think off hand any examples in NT, but there are a handful of
>examples in the Hebrew OT (Ps 111,112, 119, 145) - I'm sure there are
>more. If you have a Hebrew OT with you look at these Psalms, its kind of
>neat how the acrostic is structured, or at least get someone to show you
>these Psalms.

I don't know of a New Testament example either, but it is said that the
Greek word for "fish" , ICQUS, was an acrostic representing a credal
formula because each letter of this word in succession yielded the initial
letters of the five words of the creed about Jesus:

        I = IHSOUS = Jesus
        C = CRISTOS = Christ
        Q = QEOU = God's
        U = hUIOS = Son
        S = SWTHR = Savior

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