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Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 18:25:59 EST

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<DIV><FONT size=2>From: Samuel Sais i Borrˆs<BR>To: All B-Greekers<BR><BR>Sure,
I was certain that my real name was enclosed with the message. Also<BR>I'm sure
that this so dry message about my answer is an automated one. If<BR>not, what
about considering "God Bless" my real name?<BR>Well, I aplogize, and I hope my
contribution to this list be helpful.<BR><BR><BR><BR>----- Mensaje original
-----<BR>De: Carl W. Conrad &lt;<A
Biblical Greek &lt;<A
Biblical Greek &lt;<A
jueves, 27 de enero de 2000 21:48<BR>Asunto: RE: List protocol:
signatures<BR><BR><BR>&gt; At 8:45 PM +0100 1/27/00, <A
href=""></A> wrote:<BR>&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt;God Bless<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; Presumably "" has a name of his own
other than that and<BR>"God<BR>&gt; Bless."&nbsp; Our list protocol, that is
mailed out to all new subscribers when<BR>&gt; they first come aboard,
specifically asks all subscribers to identify<BR>&gt; themselves clearly AT
LEAST in the "From" header, but we would prefer to<BR>&gt; have it also in a
regular full signature.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;
4. Signatures: It is a courtesy expected of B-Greek subscribers that<BR>&gt;
messages should indicate, at least in the "From" header, the personal
name<BR>&gt; as well as the e-address, or else should at least sign their posts
with<BR>&gt; personal names. Indications of the locality from which they write
would<BR>&gt; help personalize further for others the sender of a message.
Academic or<BR>&gt; institutional information may be appended also, but there is
no privilege<BR>&gt; associated with any academic or institutional status
so-indicated.<BR>&gt; ========================================<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;
In other words, we neither solicit nor do we readily tolerate anonymous<BR>&gt;
contributions. Thanks for your cooperation.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt; Carl W.
Conrad<BR>&gt; Co-Chair, B-Greek List<BR>&gt; Department of Classics, Washington
University<BR>&gt; One Brookings Drive/St. Louis, MO, USA 63130/(314)
935-4018<BR>&gt; Home: 7222 Colgate Ave./St. Louis, MO 63130/(314)
726-5649<BR>&gt; <A
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