re:Difficult Texts

From: yochanan bitan (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 17:09:22 EST

csb wrote on habakkuk 3:
>Most of my troubles seem to be with the low level issues, particularly
>syntax and lexicography. Some verses in this text just don't compute.
>What do you folks do when you run into a situation like this. You have
>done all the work you know how to do and you are still starring at an

An answer that is both serious yet may sound flippant, come spend a year or
two in Hebrew in Israel.
You need to learn enough Hebrew that you know which low level phenomena are
not problems and which ones are problems. (probably a vocab level around
The ones that are truly problematic may be mused over, but one doesn't get
worked up about what is not clear in the text. after all, it is the text's

I wish i could help more.

Randall Buth

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