Re: Foreign Language Acquisition

From: David C. Hindley (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 01:08:45 EST

Steven Miller wrote:

>>I was once told, in all seriousness, by one of my Jesuit professors at
St.Louis University, that one of his professors had once given a lecture,
where half way through he quoted from some ancient Greek source, only to
accidently finish the lecture in ancient Greek.<<

This phenomenon, I suppose, is a matter of being thoroughly, and equally,
comfortable with both languages.

When I was a teen I knew a diplomat's family. They were stationed in
Bangkok, Thailand, and attended the International School there. The
daughter had a French teacher who was fluent in both French and Thai. She
related that the students in her French class used to enjoy slipping the
occasional Thai word into their recitations without the teacher being
aware of it in any way.


Dave Hindley

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