RE:Foreign Language Acquisition

Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 07:16:26 EST

Dear SCM, Randall Buth, Warren Fulton, et al:

    I have thouroughly enjoyed reading the posts on this topic over the last
few days and I hope it has not reached its end just yet (room for at least
one more question/post I hope). On 1/25/00 Mr. Fulton stated:

    I whole heartedly agree with this. My high school Latin teacher used
these four venues to some degree and it made the entire experience more
valuable. My question is how do we go about using these four approaches in
regards to Attic and Koine Greek? I am self taught (or rather self
teaching/learning) in Greek and finding people to speak Greek to or even
study intensely with is quite a challenge.
    I am familiar enough with the literature and resources available for
learning to read, and I know there was some discussion recently on writing
composition for Greek and Latin. However are there any resources for
listening to Greek (other than living in Greece for two years, sorry Mr.
Buth) like audio cassettes,etc.? I would imagine that listening enough I
could merely repeat out loud what I hear. Mr. Fulton also stated:

<My bout with Greek in college was one-dimensional. Having no sense of what
the language sounded like, I applied my analytical skills and knowledge of
linguistics to the problem. But I did not really learn to read Koine Greek
until I had learned to speak Modern Greek.>

    Does learning to speak Modern Greek really help to "speak"/read Koine
Greek (forgive my ignorance)? If so, what resources are there that you might
recommend, and are there any good resources on the pronunciation of Attic
and/or Koine Greek?
    Thank you for your patience and help in advance. Forgive me Mr. Conrad
and Winberry if I have exhausted this thread and pushed it into extinction.

Esteban Otero
Tampa, USA

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