Re[2]: Foreign Language Acquisition

From: Jay J. Litehiser (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 08:28:42 EST

Hello, Esteban,

Oac> I am familiar enough with the literature and resources available for
Oac> learning to read, and I know there was some discussion recently on writing
Oac> composition for Greek and Latin. However are there any resources for
Oac> listening to Greek (other than living in Greece for two years, sorry Mr.
Oac> Buth) like audio cassettes,etc.? I would imagine that listening enough I
Oac> could merely repeat out loud what I hear.

Yes, I think apart from having others with whom one can speak
cassettes are your best bet. For getting started at any rate. Randall
Buth offers an excellent course to the end for both Koine Greek and
Biblical Hebrew. I've just gotten them myself, but I am rather
enthused about them. Additionally, you might want to consider making
your own recordings of say New Testament texts and listening to them
repeatedly. I've just started doing this as well and I'm rather
pleased with the (preliminary) results. However, ultimately to be able
to speak ... well, what can we do there to solve the shortage of

Oh, BTW, I, too, am self-taught - just to put my reply in perspective.

 Jay Litehiser

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