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Perhaps in Titus 1:5 the middle functions like the active, but looking
over the active/middle/passive instances of DIATASSW we find in 1Cor.
7:17 an example of the middle form which appears to me to show a
distinct function over against the active.


In this context the middle seems to imply an action of establishing a
state of order, a process in which Paul participated not just as an
external agent but also to some extent as a direct participant, so that
the middle could be seen as showing Paul's participation in the order
and ordering EN TAIS EKKLHSIAS. This may seem like splitting hairs to
some folks but I see this as a different kind of action than that of an
agent who just initiates a action from without. This is not a case where
Paul just does something to the churches, rather he does something
within the churches so that he is both an initiator and a recipient of
his own action. I may be just dreaming this up and I am sure someone on
the list will point this out.

BAGD does not draw a distinction between the meaning or function of the
active and middle of DIATASSW. However, LEH does draw a distinction,
giving for the middle: "to arrange for oneself" [ti] 4 Mc 8:3. This
distinction is also noted in LS (intermediate). I think this meaning
"to arrange for oneself" is applicable to 1Cor. 7:17c but not Titus 1:5.

As far as Titus 1:5 is concerned I don't see that the middle has much


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> Dear friends > > TOUTOU CARIN APELIPON SE EN KRHTH, hINA TA LEIPONTA EPIDIORQWSH KAI > KATASTHSHiS KATA POLIN PRESBUTEROUS, hWS EGW SOI DIETAXAMHN. (Tit 1:5) > > Concerning DIETAXAMHN in Titus 1:5, is there any significant behind that > fact that it is middle rather than active? I could not find any real > difference between the active and middle uses of DIATASSW in the NT. Am I > missing something? > > Thanks > Kevin Smith > Port Elizabeth, SA

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