Re: MT Text vs LXX

From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 11:34:37 EST

>To: Grant Polle,
><< Why does the Septuagint differ from the Masoretic text in the ages given
>within the Genesis account particularly chapter 5? What evidence is there
>to give support to one over the other? Is the LXX wrong? MT wrong? Personal
>opinion? >>

I would simply suggest that neither is "wrong". They simply represent
different ages that were handed down in different traditions[*]. Just as,
for example, the Passion chronology is different in the Johannine and in
the Synoptic traditions. That doesn't make either "wrong"; they each
represent different --and internally consistent-- versions of the story.

[* For that matter, both age lists differ from those given in the Samaritan


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