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Dear B-Greekers,
Esteban Otero, Grant Polle, and others have raised the question of resources
in learning the pronunciation of Attic and Koine Greek. I have recently
acquired GreekMaster CD which allows you to hear a word by word
pronunciation of every individual word in the GNT by Dr. Gleason Archer.
Some, but not all, NT books are also read aloud at conversational speed. The
package includes the UBS4 Greek text, the NASB text, Barclay Newman's
concise Greek-English dictionary and a concordance and is available either
direct from HeavenWord or from Gramcord, which provides the morphological
database. I am taking a Greek reading class and try to review the
pronunciation of the section we will be reading for each class. Although I
find this to be a valuable resource, I am not completely satisfied with the
quality of the sound because some of the words sound somewhat hollow and
tinny. Does anyone else have this problem?
While we're on the subject of pronunciation, can anyone shed some light on
the proper pronunciation of the Greek letter F? I was always taught it was
sounded "ph," the equivalent of an English "f." On the GreekMaster CD, Dr.
Archer pronounces it as a "p," as in Paul's letter to the "pill-ippians," in
contrast to the more common "fill-ippians." Which is correct, or are both

Bill Garrison

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