RE: The degree of indefiniteness of hOSOI (Gal 3:10) (Warren, Carl)

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 07:00:43 EST

At 12:25 PM +0100 2/9/00, Warren Fulton wrote:
>Looking at the passage in terms of the function of defining a group and
>assigning a
>reward or punishment to that group reveals that Greek has a wide range
>forms to
>express this. The choice of form though does not seem to be a means of
>pointing the
>finger at anyone specific. I think if we want to go further and see how
>the various
>groups are qualified or characterized, we have to move up a level to
>development, to lines of reasoning, and even further up to the whole
>context of the
>letter to the Galatians.

(I hope this will get to Moon--I seem to be having trouble getting messages
directly through to Korea, but at least he'll get the B-Greek general

What Warren is saying here, Moon, and I think he's saying it pretty loud
and clearly, is that the questions you want answers to can't be answered in
terms of the Greek grammar in and of itself; they involve deeper analysis
of the whole text of Galatians from a rhetorical point of view--and I think
theology and hermeneutics are quickly going to come to bear upon this.
Which is to say: I think the linguistic aspects of your questions that are
relevant to Biblical Greek usage have been very interesting, but your
deeper questions about how to interpret this particular text--Galatians
3:10--go beyond the proper scope of B-Greek. I know that you are active on
the Corpus Paulinum list (I do read the digest, at least), and I'd suggest
that you pursue your question there (although I have a sneaky suspicion
that you may be looking for information that bears on the ongoing
discussion on that list. I wish you luck.

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