Re: extra Pauline instances of APOQNHSKEIN hUPER/(EPI)DIDONAI hEAUTON hUPER

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 16:57:10 EST


Following a hunch that Antigone or Iphigenia in Aulis would be a likely
place to find such a construction I did a little digging with the
limited resources at my disposal. I didn't find anything (yet) in
Antigone or Iphigenia in Aulis but found one promsing lead which is the
compound hUPERQNHiSKW (LSJ p.1846). This compound is used by Euripides
in several texts including Alcestis 155, 682 and Ph. 998 (see LSJ

I would expect that we might find something like this idea expressed in
Iphigenia's speech after she discovers that she is to be sacrificed but
not having a concordance of Euripides handy or even a hard copy of the
greek text or even an english translation it is not easy for me find out
since my patience is too short to work with Perseus.

I would suspect that either Edward Hobbes or Carl could answer a
question like this from memory, without having to crack a book or slog
through the Perseus web site.


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---------- >From: "Jeffrey B. Gibson" <> >To: Biblical Greek <> >Subject: extra Pauline instances of APOQNHSKEIN hUPER/(EPI)DIDONAI hEAUTON hUPER >Date: Tue, Feb 8, 2000, 2:33 PM >

> I am in the midst of writing a paper on the pre-pauline use of the topos > "X died /gave him(her)self for Y", so I'm seeking any and all instances > of this topos in Greek literature written before or contemporary with > Paul's time. > > I'd be grateful, therefore, if List members could point me towards any > instances in this literature in which the phrases -- or variants of the > phrases -- APOQNHSKEIN hUPER (i.e., APOQANEN hUPER. APOQANEN PERI, > etc. and the composite verb hUPERAPOQNHSKEIN) and (EPI)DIDONAI hEAUTON > hUPER appear.

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