Re: Structure of I Cor. 8:6: A figure?

From: Mike Sangrey (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 21:04:40 EST

Actually, I think this passage is fascinating.

Note 8:4: Paul appears to allude to the Hebrew Shema:


He then appears to take that very well known statement and expand it:

         hEIS QEOS
                hO PATHR,
                        EX hOU TA PANTA KAI hHMEIS EIS AUTON,
        hEIS KURIOS
                IHSOUS XRISTOS,
                        DI' hOU TA PANTA KAI hHMEIS DI' AUTOU.

So, I think, FWIW, the parallelism and repeitition gives significant
emphasis not only to the prepositional phrases, but also on the subjects.
And, I think since this construction is so obviously done on purpose that
it lends considerable credance to thinking Paul IS actually expanding
the Shema.

I won't get into this anymore, other than to give credit to the
thought provoking article by N. T. Wright
by citing the web page Jim West mentioned the other day:

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