Correction-Re: Romans 1:16,17 - The antecedent of EN AUTW

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 11:52:20 EST

At 10:49 AM -0600 2/14/00, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>At 9:52 AM -0600 2/14/00, Eric S. Weiss wrote:
>>Does ruling out "to them" for EN AUTWi - i.e., a dative of reference -
>>still allow for the earlier suggestion that EN AUTWi is a locative with the
>>antecedent being PANTI TWi PISTEUONTI - i.e., "the righteousness of God is
>>revealed IN HIM (i.e., each one who believes)..."?
>>I personally feel this is not what Paul is saying. I agree with the usual
>>translation (i.e., TO EUAGGELION is the antecedent) - as in 1:18 God's
>>wrath is revealed FROM HEAVEN (i.e., a place/thing), so in 1:17 God's
>>righteousness is revealed in/by a thing (i.e., the Gospel).
>Joe Friberg has already responded to this; for myself I will only say that
>I don't see any impediment in the structure or grammar of the Greek to
>understanding EN AUTWi as a locative with the antecedent of AUTWi being
>PANTI TWi PISTEUONTI. I'm still inclined to prefer the traditional
>understanding of TO EUAGGELION as the antecedent, but like Joe, who lies
>this alternative, I'm "still thinking" (and I think it's probably a good
>thing to do to "keep thinking"!).

In that third line from the bottom, please read the end as "who likes/this
alternative"--and please don't understand me to be accusing Joe of lying!

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