Computer tools for B-Greek?

From: Ryan Simmons (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 18:32:15 EST

I have been a passive (listener) for a few months on
this list and have enjoyed it insofar as I have had
time. (You all can really generate a lot of
discussion!) I hope some of you can help me choose
the best Greek study software out there.

I currently use Logos, which doesn't do, as much as I
would like. I would like the software to do more of
what printed references do. I want critical
electronic texts with an apparatus of variant readings
of the NT, LXX, and Hebrew. I would like search tools
and statistics that are as helpful and reliable as
good printed concordances. I would like a selection
of the leading lexicons in electronic format with
citations of examples indexed to the text similar to
Alsop's index of BAGD. I also want an index of the
LXX text giving the Greek words used to translate each
Hebrew word. In addition to all this wishful
thinking, some electronic format of an arrangement of
the text of the gospels such as Aland's Synopsis
Quattuor Euangelorium would be nice.

Besides the expense of a printed library containing
the critical texts, good lexicons, indexes to those
lexicons, and concordances of each set of literature,
the use of these bulky volumes is more cumbersome than
hyperlinked texts. I just don't know of an electronic
package that is as good as the printed references. Is
there such a thing? If not, what is the best
available? My Greek professor and fellow students
would be grateful for your suggestions.

Ryan Simmons
M.Div. student
Emmanuel School of Religion
Johnson City, TN

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