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Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 18:17:49 EST

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 As to whether or not something is a formal rendering, I think the bigger
 question is: Was your source text formal or colloquial? It is best to try to
 retain the original genre, mood, rhetorical impact in translation.
 Otherwise, we change the meaning of the original during the translation
 process, since mood, level of formality, and rhetorical impact are all part
 of the original meaning. For those source passages where the level of
 language and mood is formal, it's good to have the translation be formal.
 Where the source text is informal or colloquial, accuracy is best preserved
 by keeping that same level of language in the target language translation.

This may retain the parallelism, however, I think it is somewhat inaccurate.
Double-talk generally has a connotation of nonsense. What is sought is
something to signify dishonesty.


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