RE: Stanley Porter: Idioms

From: Roy E. Ciampa (
Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 10:56:13 EST

Just the other day I wrote to Sheffield Academic Press about the fact that
the website does not seem to indicate any books with discounts. I received
the following response and explanation:

Dear Dr Ciampa

I'm sorry that you were unable to identify titles with a scholars discount
available. I have informed the company which manages our web site and they
are attempting to sort this problem out. As a general rule it is Hardback
Humanities titles (includes Theology and Biblical Studies) where no
paperback alternative is available. If you wish to order a title that you
think may fit these criteria then please mention this along with your order.
If no discount is available you will be contacted and asked if you still
wish to purchase at full price.

Each book on the web site does display whether or not the book is paperback,
hardback or both.

If you have further enquiries then please get in touch.

Best regards

Andy Pritchard

Andy Pritchard
Database Services Director
Sheffield Academic Press Ltd
19 Kingfield Rd
Sheffield S11 9AS

Tel +44 114 255 4433 Fax +44 114 255 4626

> Subject: Re: Stanley Porter: Idioms
> From:
> Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 18:38:53 EST
> X-Message-Number: 10

> << Just a reminder that anyone can order Porter's books directly from
> Sheffield, and receive their 50% discount if the book is for "personal
> research'. The Sheffield website, from which one can order via
> their email
> or s-mail addresses is:
> Often the Sheffield discount is better than the price one can get through
> or Barnes&Noble.

>(1) I understand this is not offered for paperback or hardcover books when
> paperback exists.

> (2) The site states that the discount will be noted if available. After
> looking at a number of books, I never saw one available. Wlhat gives?

> gfsomsel

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