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<< As someone busily laboring on a 'near-term' Ph.D. thesis in NT Greek, I
 enjoyed the original posting (now hanging on my refrigerator). But as a
 mother of two great kids, I had to laugh. Babies are harder work than
 academic research, and I suspect that most who think otherwise have never
 the priviledge of being a mom. >>

    "PRIVILEDGE of being a mom" is right!! I shared the original posting
with my husband, who remembers all to well his struggles with his
dissertation. (He's a computer engineer... Beyond that I don't understand
what he does...) But he certainly enjoyed the humor!! :-)
    Well, I wouldn't know from any first hand experience about writing a
dissertation. I'm a professional symphony musician (flutist) with only a
bachelor degree in music. Other than Americanized English, my only fluent
language is MUSIC. (and I love it!!) I'm new to this list and brand new to
Greek. I only know one phrase so far (John 1:1) and am trying to make a
little sense out of this language. Am very much enjoying reading these
postings, though, even though I barely understand what you all are talking
about. (As the saying goes... It's "all Greek" to me!!) :-)
    But motherhood is something I KNOW about!! I've got 2 kids (ages 11 and 8
- a boy and a girl - who are as different in personality as night is to day)
and they are a lot more work now than they were when I was in labor with
them! I imagine when you write a dissertation, you turn it in for a grade,
maybe have to revise it a bit, and that's that. When it's finally done, it's
done... But not so with babies. After the baby's born (and I had l-o-n-g and
difficult labors) there's no "turning it in". The work has just begun. YEAR
and YEARS of training those children to become godly adults in a world where
they may be hated for their faith. I think it's the hardest job in the world
because, if done "right", it involves more self-sacrifice than just about any
other profession I can think of. I will be turning 40 next month and my own
mother STILL wears out the carpet with her knees as she prays for me. Oh, but
the benefits are WONDERFUL!! I could go on and on - but just these 2 things
to sum it up: Motherhood has taught me to PRAY like never before and it also
has INCREASED MY FAITH in the sovereignty of God.
    Fifteen years ago I had a choice to make: to either get married and raise
a family or to pursue my own professional career. Even though at time I miss
"academia", I'm glad I chose the way I did. In spite of what the "world"
says, I find being a wife and mother is the GREATEST job (even though it
involves a LOT of work and little thanks) in the whole world. I, like
Stephanie Black here, consider motherhood to be a "priviledge" and a very
high calling!! :-)
    Well, that's about all I have to say. I will just be quiet now and try to
follow along as I "listen" to your postings...
        Have a great day in the Lord, y'all...
            Valeria McMahan :-)

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