Re: Romans 1:16,17 - The antecedent of EN AUTW

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 11:49:17 EST

At 9:52 AM -0600 2/14/00, Eric S. Weiss wrote:
>Does ruling out "to them" for EN AUTWi - i.e., a dative of reference -
>still allow for the earlier suggestion that EN AUTWi is a locative with the
>antecedent being PANTI TWi PISTEUONTI - i.e., "the righteousness of God is
>revealed IN HIM (i.e., each one who believes)..."?
>I personally feel this is not what Paul is saying. I agree with the usual
>translation (i.e., TO EUAGGELION is the antecedent) - as in 1:18 God's
>wrath is revealed FROM HEAVEN (i.e., a place/thing), so in 1:17 God's
>righteousness is revealed in/by a thing (i.e., the Gospel).

Joe Friberg has already responded to this; for myself I will only say that
I don't see any impediment in the structure or grammar of the Greek to
understanding EN AUTWi as a locative with the antecedent of AUTWi being
PANTI TWi PISTEUONTI. I'm still inclined to prefer the traditional
understanding of TO EUAGGELION as the antecedent, but like Joe, who lies
this alternative, I'm "still thinking" (and I think it's probably a good
thing to do to "keep thinking"!).

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