Re: Romans 1:16,17 - The antecedent of EN AUTW

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Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 11:48:56 EST


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> > I first held to the locative idea, "God's righteousness revealed in
> > who believes." I later considered equivalence with a simple dative a
> > possibility. These are the things that have stimulated my question(s).

On Mon 14, 2000 Joe Friberg said,

>I like others find this a difficult case to make.

I found an entry in BAG, EN,IV,4,a, "ev with dat. stands--a. for the
ordinary dat...." This is followed with some classical and biblical
examples (Gal 1:16, Rom 1:19, I Cor 14:11, Acts 4:12, Lk 2:14).

If I may be allowed a line of interpretation, I think I see this as a
fulfillment of Isa 53:1; 56:1; and Ezek 20:9.


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