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 Is there any merit in taking this EN a representing "content?" I looked
 this verse up in Wallace and he treated it as "means." He says that the
 preceding chapters indicate that we are filled with the fulness of God
 through the agency of Jesus and be means of the Holy Spirit.

You didn't supply a reference, but I assume you were referring to Eph. 5.18.
I would take this as simply being what BAGD states regarding EN

5. to indicate a very close connection: a. fig., of pers., to indicate the
state of being filled w. or gripped by someth.: in someone=in his innermost
being EN AUTW KATOIKEI PAN TO PLHRWMA in him dwells all the fulness Col 2:9.
EN AUTW EKTISQH TA PANTA (prob. to be understood as local, not instrumental,
since EN AU . . would otherwise be identical w. DI' AU. . in the same vs.)
everything was created in him Col 1:16 (cf. M. Ant. 4, 23 EN SOI PANTA; Herm.
Wr. 5, 10; AFeuillet, NTS 12, ’65, 1-9). EN TWi QEWi KEKRUPTAI hH ZWH hHMWN
your life is hid in God 3:3; cf. 2:3. Of sin in man Ro 7:17f; cf.
KATERGAZESQAI vs. 8. Of Christ who, as a spiritual being, fills people 8:10;
2 Cor 13:5, abides J 6:56, lives Gal 2:20, and takes form 4:19 in them. Of
the Divine Word: OUK ESTIN EN hUMIN 1J 1:10; MENEIN EN TINI J 5:38; ENOIKEIN
Col 3:16. Of the Spirit: OIKEIN (ENOIKEIN) EN TINI Ro 8:9, 11; 1 Cor 3:16; 2
Ti 1:14. Of spiritual gifts 1 Ti 4:14; 2 Ti 1:6. Of miraculous powers
ENERGEIN EN TINI be at work in someone Mt 14:2; Mk 6:14. The same expr. of
God or evil spirits, who somehow work in men: 1 Cor 12:6; Phil 2:13; Eph 2:2

Bauer, Walter, Gingrich, F. Wilbur, and Danker, Frederick W., A Greek-English
Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, (Chicago:
University of Chicago Press) 1979.


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