Re: Didache 12:5

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 08:09:53 EST

Bill Rodgers wrote:

> Bart: I think "Christmonger" is an excellent translation of XRISTEMPOROS!!! Not
> only is it colorful, but it is also quite accurate. The word "monger" may not be
> used that much nowadays, but I can not think of a better word. Vendor or hawker just
> do not match it.

One problem, however, is that (unless things have changed radically
since I moved from
there) in some circumstances in Britain, and therefore for British
ears, "monger" does
not have the pejorative connotation or tones that I think Bart wants to
convey. When one
wants to purchase some "hardware" (as in Ace hardware, not computer
supplies), one still
goes to the Ironmongers.



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